Parallel Viruses


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Talk about your Parallel Universe

Wish I could jump out of this one into the next: it's gotta be better then what's going on here.

Now that Microsoft has finally abandoned it's auto updates that was forced on us every few days or so, let's see if the Government follows suit and listens to the voices of reason.

Yes our Governers and Mayors got some serious decisions to make in the next several weeks.

So now we are phasing into the face mask era.

As if it's not already in many places, the US will look a lot like China with everyone sporting some type of facemask.

Do I wear one. Nah. Just like with the Microsoft updates to protect against viruses/hackers: I turned it off with software.

I'll only wear one where it's required.

Just like I was not worried I might get hacked with a computer virus, I'm also not worried I may catch a Coronal virus.