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Hey ya'll, I urge all of you here to go to Dan Little's site at USCATTLEHAULERS and download the application for OOU inc. Fill it out and send it back with your $20 membership fee. After going to the site, you will see a link for Join OOU inc on the right side of the page. Print out a few extra copies for your friends to sign up too. We will make a difference in this industry! We need your help. We are off to a great start, and have plenty of things planned for the near future.

If there is anything we need to do at this time, it is stuck together! Please check it out and join today. Thanks!
Happy Trails Ya'll, Pat


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I don't know where Mr. Little has been but there are people going to Washington DC and not asking for money to help. Read something on his site about trying to raise money to get there.
The American Driver has all the information
and I just posted the route they are taking.


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You have not researched the OOU Inc or me Dan Little or you would not be saying that because we went non-profit we have no power.
You are so very wrong, we are a 501 [c][6] not a 501[c][3]

The OOU is set up to grow & help the trucking industry , O/Os , Co. drivers, drivers families, ect.

I started the april shutdown & brought national attention to this Ind.

We are set up with a 51 member board of directors, 1 from each state, to assure that each state is fairly represented

The power in #s is what is making the OOU stand proud.

Ask Mark Kirsch about the OOU Inc. he is a board member and can fill you in.

Before you start running down this assoc. please check the facts

Thank You


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well truckerstrike08 gets all her info from jb and guess what he doesn't research things too good i guess
TACU is going to be a 501 c 3 and we are allowed to spend up to 1million yes 1 million dollars on lobbying and we can protest all we want we just can not be politically involved with any candidates etc. read up before you post and look stupid
a 501 c 6 can lobby all they want no limits the difference mostly is when we take donations they can be written off in taxes when the oou does they can't kinda like the ooida is but the oou is structured much differently to actually help drivers and support them
truckerstrike i wish you would do some homework before you post and look very unintellengent
plus "JB" is against dan little and the oou because dan didn't have a position for him like a board member so he can't have any control
imagine that!!
just ask dan he will tell you the same thing
hell for $20.00 not a bad deal for someone that will help you and is also setting up college funds for drivers kids. whats that other site doing for you??

Ps. TRUCKERSTRIKE08 don't bother coping this and forwarding to jb i already did myself so i save you some time so you can cook or clean some more hehe


I actually Like that the OOU is giving all the fees to go for College... thats very admirable of them..especially in these hard times.


just to set the record straight truckerstrike08 was in this long before she knew about Mark or JB or most drivers for that matter, I first became aware of her back last fall when I was trying to get something going on another site. I won't bother to defend her positions other than to say she has been very,very passionate about what has happened to this industry and has worked much harder than most of the drivers in getting the information and recognition needed to try to right the wrongs!

If more drivers would do just half the work the young lady has done on our behalf the change this industry needs would probably already be accomplished.

That doesn't mean that I agree with everything she advocates but that I have had a lot of discussions with her over problems and ideas in the trucking industry and find the she can be insightful and reasonable if given the proper facts.


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Actually, let me set the record straight here, because I hope this is the last I see of threads being hijacked. Had I seen this thread back when it started, I would have gotten a handle on it after the first reply because this isn't about competing over who has the best organization.

If you are out there representing one of these organizations and in some sort of competition about who's is the best, then you are making a big mistake. Getting a successful organization started and making it successful long term will take a lot of energy, and to waste that energy talking down about other people is not the way to go about it.

As for who got this movement started to turn the industry around, does it really matter? I think what is important is that there are people out there who are working to fix the industry. Is there only one way to accomplish this? No. This is why we have multiple organizations sprouting up. Some of these organizations will succeed, some will fail. Ultimately, some will very likely end up merging together in some sort of way to build something even stronger and more influential.

This is one of the few forums where you are even allowed to openly discuss and link to all of these organizations or to other websites with useful information. I am not about censoring good information like this due to fear of losing members. But I won't let this place turn into a location for bickering back and forth and trashing each others efforts. If your company wants to get the word out on why you think another organization is bad, use your company's website for that, not this one.

This thread has been pretty much trashed, and there is no sense in deleting anything because you have all already seen the content, so it is therefore simply being closed.

Organization leaders and representatives, please don't get into mud slinging episodes, because regardless who is right or wrong, everyone involves ends up muddy.