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OTR to Regional - Recruiting Problem With Crete Fixed Quickly


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After a miscommunication between me and recruiting, I showed up for my new job expecting regional, and found it it wasn't available right now, but was then told that once I started, I could probably be on it within 3 months.

I was told to let the fleet manager know I was interested by the President of the company, but then found out that there was no longer even a waiting list for the region I wanted, that is was simply at capacity with no immediate plans to expand.

I decided to approach this with a good attitude and just run OTR for a while and see if something eventually opened up.

I made it about 1 week and realized that OTR simply wasn't for me at this point in my life.

After contacting my fleet manager again, and explaining that I really needed to be on the regional fleet, and my reasons why, I was put on the fleet within 24 hours. There was no need for complaining, no threatening to quit, no whining about a recruiter, no nothing. Just a simple conversation, followed by the Fleet Manager going to work on my issue, and a quick and positive resolution to the problem.

Gotta say, I was very impressed with this. It has been quite some time since I have worked for a large company, as a company driver, and from what I have seen so far with this company, I am impressed.
that is surprising to hear. i am glad it worked out for you and you got the regional you wanted. this does show that there are still some good fleet managers out there. i hope you thanked him for what he did for you.
I'm not working with them now, as I came across a sweet local driving job, but I have nothing but good things to say about Crete. I am guy that likes to run legal, and with Crete, you WILL run legal, and you can get miles doing so. You have to be a worker though, because it is up to you to manage your time properly in order to get the miles.

I made a point of managing my time well and getting wherever I needed to be early and having a break. I also managed my time where I drove mostly in the daytime, rather than nighttime just about everyday, and was still able to get miles.

If I were going back out OTR, I made a point of leaving on good terms where I can go back.

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