Other DOT Requirements


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Newbie Car Hauler Here! I have a Ford F350 hauling a 3-4 car hauler. I'm gonna be working on attaining my CDL but I figured I can start working in the southeast (not Texas) as long as I stay under 26,000 lbs. hauling 3 sedans max in an ultra light trailer. Working mostly in the state of Florida

My question is If I am under 26000lbs and I dont need a CDL then What other requirements do I need? Like do I need a DOT physical? Do I still need a drug test If I am working for myself? do I need to keep a log? Do I need to stop at weigh stations? Does my truck need to have my company information displayed on the doors ? Any and All advice on this subject is appreciated. Especially for things I did not think of to ask. Thank you


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If your manufacturer lists the gcvw as 26,001 or more then you need a cdl