Ontario Trucking Association Announces Scholarship Endowment


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Jan 28, 2007
Gananoque, ON (AHN) - The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) announced they are establishing a scholarship endowment of $40,000 for children of Ontario truck drivers who are killed or seriously injured on the job.

The announcement comes on the same day that truck driver David Virgoe, father of three was laid to rest. The 48-year-old was driving along highway 400 outside of Toronto when he swerved his truck to avoid hitting several cars. He died instantly after his truck crashed into a ditch. Police believe two young men that were allegedly street racing were the cause of the crash.

The OTA is calling Virgoe a hero. In a statement, David Bradley, president of the association, said, "Mr. Virgoe's selfless act and the kind of person he was epitomizes all that is good about the trucking industry. He was a model trucker, always willing to stop and provide assistance at roadside, a father, a grandfather and a decent human being."

"He, like all truck drivers, faced risks every day he was out on the road. Sadly, he made the supreme sacrifice because of the reckless actions of a few others. But, in doing so he saved the lives of others," he added.

The perpetual scholarship fund will be administered by the OTA Education Foundation, established by the association to provide scholarships to children of trucking industry families for offsetting the cost of post-secondary education.

Virgoe had 26 years experience as a truck driver.

Source: AHN
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