OMG! The Start of a Revolution!!!!!


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Well, not really, but it got you to come read this article anyway didn't it!?

California is trying to Ban Independent Contractors from shuttling containers in and out of the ports. They are wanting to use commercial trucking companies that have an employee base. This supposidly will cut down on polution and get rid of old and unsafe trucks.

WRONG! What a lame excuse to use to get owner opperators our of California ports. If the government were truely concerned about the age of trucks and how much polution thay produce, then the Mexicans would have never been allowed to start crossing the borders long haulin'.

This is another thorn in the hip folks. A good example of our communist government killing the little people. Instead of banning Independent contractors, why not give them a chance to Upgrade their equipment?
Getting owner operators out is exactly what California wants, and it is pathetic.

If you have been around those areas, you know that if California gets what it wants, it will be a disaster. Nothing against company driver, hell I am one right now, but what this means is there will be a hug increase in inexperienced drivers going into a very congested area.

Not a good plan.

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