Ohio lawmaker calls for English-only CDL tests


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Aspiring truck drivers in Ohio would need to have a firm grasp of the English language to obtain a commercial driver’s license, under legislation offered by a state lawmaker.

I live in this state and have been boycotting this state for the past ten years[ a lonely boycott feel free to join and help] over their anti trucking policies including but not limited too the split speed laws and for once they are doing sominthing that makes common sense or at least trying.
If you care to join in the boycott just don't buy anything at ALL in the state of Ohio,no fuel, no food, no services!! unless its an emergency.
For those of you that oppose a shutdown,but say something needs done this is an easy painless way to actively do something that can if enough do it make a difference,just start doing it and tell others what you are doing and why,believe it or not there is a small core of Drivers that have been doing this for years.

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