NFL Bans Naughty Cheerleaders


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OH My! This is a SAD day for so many visiting teams! LOL......
NEW YORK — The NFL apparently thinks its players are concerned more about sideline scoring than their coaches' game plan.
The league reportedly sent a memo to all 32 teams ordering them not to allow their cheerleaders to warm up — or do anything distracting — in front of the visiting team's bench.
CBS NFL analyst Charlie Casserly broke the story last weekend, saying there were concerns around the league that some teams specifically ordered their cheerleaders to perform in front of visiting teams in hopes of distracting them from pre-game instruction.
"Some players felt they were being a little distracted," Casserly reported.
"It had nothing to do with the Patriots,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy joked to the Boston Herald, a reference to the team's recent infractions related to improperly taping opposing team practices.
“Our cheerleaders don’t do their warmups on the field,” Patriots spokesman Stacey James told the Herald. “Sorry, but the missive wasn’t directed at us.”


In God We Trust levels of stupidity here. cheerleaders are the best thing about most nfl games.


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I guess I can understand it, I watched five football games, before I even saw the players on he field. :)


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ROTFL Poor poor you will have to be content with your naughty wives and girlfriends. Oh the humanity!