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well its just past noon and from what I am reading and seeing the shutdown has caught the attention of people all over the country, the news is coming in fast and furious!! fox,cnn,abc,cbs Ap and a lot more are reporting on it, its funny how one station can report one thing and another report on the same event and have totally different information :banghead:, an example is the convoy in PA. yesterday the number of trucks involved has been reported to be as low as 75 to over a thousand :wtf:, the point is though everyone is talking about the shutdown,that can only help the cause so please everyone keep on spreading the word its starting to take effect, don't forget to continue calling,e-mailing,writing your local and national news organizations the same goes with your state and federal elected officals nows the time to let your voices be heard!!!:banana1::banana1:


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I was over at my Uncle's how a little while ago, and it was being talked about on the local news channels here.


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I live in knoxville tn, they are all over the news about it here! but they seem to think it will do nothing. they doubt us, they think we are weak!!! Im at home my truck has been parked since the 29th of march!!!!


Hey everybody just too let you know around 2:00 pm today a convoy of about 45 trucks traveling at 55 mps left Jacksonville, FL on I-95 headed north bound to Washington, D.C. I was told by other truckers that by the time they got to the Georgia line there was over 100 trucks, so look out Washington here they come.

I spoke to many drivers on the CB sitting on the side of I-295 many are still running sadly to say. Many drivers are planning too shut down on the 3rd of april. We are planning a Convoy on the 3 rd to leave around 8:00 pm. We will contact the media for their response. Gatorfuel


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The heart of this shutdown is coming from the grassroots movement of many in the United States. Has it been so long that the citizens of the United States have totally forgotten that they do have a voice, and the power to make changes???

Everyone out there in a truck, private vehicle, company truck should SHUT 'EM DOWN in support of our truckers and the transportation backbone of America....WAKE UP and smell the coffee!

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