Hello everyone. Pretty good info flying around in here.
very interested in becoming a trucker. Tried the office jobs and even a lil law enforcement some dispatch for fire dept. but my heart still keeps calling for driving a truck like it did when i was a kid.'
Well i have a family now wife and a 1yr old. Starting school next month. What im really looking for is driving for like a delivery service. For example coca cola or gold coast beverages, publix and etc.
I am 24 yrs old no points in the last 3 yrs and 3 points in the last 5 yrs for taking a stop sign.
Dont really want to drive otr cuz of being home with the family but wouldnt mind doing some overnighters. I am a hardworker but also a family man.

Would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks
One route you might take is looking at places where you can work as a dock worker/driver, and work into a full time driving position. Some local delivery places will start you out like this.

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