newbie trying to get in industry.


Hey guys. Im 21 yrs old. My father is a owner operator. Which is were i got the interest to be a trucker. I have gone to 2 schools to get cdl training. Spent 2k already. First one was a 20hr program but wouldnt teach me much. Second place was a rental place who charged me $600 to practice 6 hrs on truck and take me to my test. I went to my test passed skills and pre trip. But failed my driving test part due to the fact that i stalled out once at a light. I will need to pay 350 again to retest and wait until december 29th since i just failed last week. I was thinking on just getting my cdl thru swift central refrigerated in fontana,ca. Or Kinght transportation Arizona academy. I kinda dont want to waste anymore money on this. If i go thru a cdl free company training is pay as bad as i hear it is. I currently make $375 a week with taxes deducted already class c delivery of auto parts. If i go thru company sponsored training cam i expect to make more than that a week. Im located in SoCal. Orange county. Any advice is appreciated as im stressed to have failed my test and was so close to passing but over 1 stupid mistake i threw it all thru the window.


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I always try to encourage new drivers and help them out. No, this is not for you. Clearly you, Well. Um . Well you don't do well. You are only 21. Maybe find another line of work, Like dispatching.

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Don't listen to @rigjockey ,
There are few companies that will take you if you have CDL but no experience.
Get your CDL first, don't go to mega carrier's school (it's more money, ~$6K)

Get your CDL first, get med card. Call around, do your homework. Then comeback, tell what you got.

EDIT: better yet, ask YOUR DAD to help you drive better & learn the work.


@Bored Insane Yea i mean the first school i went too wouldnt even take me on the road at all and would concebtrate too much 50% of the courses time on inspection even after i knew it already. I love driving and i only failed my 1st time at dmv. But because i have never driven manual before. But i was doing fine at the test passed my backing skills with 3 points off and pre-trip perfect. Yes i will go back again they said i just need to do driving part since i already did the rest good. The truck i did my test in has a 7 spd syncro trans. My dads is a 10 spd so he helped me a bit on upshifting and takeoffs. But will get it my 2nd time.

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Underwater welding I am thinking about that job may make a post on it but if you do that you can buy this little site with 1% of your check a week


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You haven't seen my selling price ;)
101 dollars and a 12 pack of can send the paperwork over in the morning


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