Newbie from another country


Hi there,

as the headline says, I'm a newbie here. And why you might ask? The simple answer is: I've been thinking about movin' to States for quite some years now and as everyone else, looking for different job options.
As I like to drive, why not try to make it my work? Here in Europe the trucking is "a bit" different from the things in there but all in all, the same. Schedules, diesel prices and low wages; we know it too.

And, as I'm a newbie, I really could use some do's and don't's if I ever succeed with work permit/Green Card.
So pro's and con's are always useful. I've been talking with friends who've moved there andthey seem to be very pleased with their lives, so why couldn't I be?

Couple of facts 'bout me: 33y old, done driving for living, working as a car salesman (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler) and into music, cars and books.

Nevertheless: Hi there!


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