New tires cost?


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What would it cost to put new tires on both the tractor and a trailer? Just a rough estimate of some good tires. I don't really have a reason for wanting to know other than I just think it would be expensive! I complain when we have to buy 4 tires! I can only imagine when my husband gets his truck..
well, the front two are around $500 each. the others aren't as expensive, but you'll have 16 of them!
If I remember right, the TAs advertise replacing all 10 truck tires for about $4000. And that's supposed to be a deal!
Its really going to depend on if you go through a company your leased to, or are buying them yourself. If your a true independent and can't buy through anyone, I would join one of the many discount programs. Try to get national account pricing. I see those prices at the TA, etc. and I am shocked at how much higher they are than what I pay through my company's program. Same with fuel by the way, just paid $3.92 and the sign says $4.19! The worst I ever saw was CT at the TA, there was a 60 cent per gallon difference in our price and the pump price!

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