New service eavesdrops on Internet calls


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New service eavesdrops on Internet calls
NEW YORK - A startup has come up with a new way to make money from phone calls connected via the Internet: having software listen to the calls, then displaying ads on the callers' computer screens based on what's being talked about.
For instance, a caller talking about going for dinner might see ads to local restaurants and restaurant review sites, while someone pondering whether to buy a new computer might see ads for computer stores. Relevant unsponsored links also appear.
That is, if the system works. It's notoriously difficult for computers to recognize speech. A test of Puddingmedia's beta software was a mixed success: Relevant ads appeared when this reporter talked about restaurants and computers, but the software was oddly insistent that he should seek a career as a social worker, showing multiple ads and links pointing to that field.
"Sometimes crazy things pop up. It actually enriches the conversation, which is very cool," said Ariel Maislos, chief executive of Puddingmedia.
i can see it now. somebody sitting down in a coffee shop when all of a sudden **** pops up embarrassing everybody around. remember the commercial on this ?
Spyware Program From Yahoo!

New service eavesdrops on Internet calls


Some people find this service useful, but people on the go, like to mapquest, don't like it when their computer slows down to the point that they can't get there. It's waiting on the spyware to funtion so it knows which ads to send you.

When I get spyware in my computer, I have been removing it with Spyware Dr. I like them because, once you remove a virus with them, your system is blocked against that virus. For people that have computers that are low on virtual memory, it's a virtual lifesaver! lol

The other 2 programs that I recommend are YourUninstaller2008, and RegClean When we first got our computer we went to, the free animated screensavers. The graphics make you feel like a "kid in a candy store". Unfortunately, even as a paid subsciber, they send a bunch of cute little viruses that freeze your computer. Your surfing speed is aprox. stop! Worse yet, when I tried uninstalling with windows, I couldn't get rid of them.
YourUninstaller2008 finally got rid of them. Even my system restore had been contaminated. After you run the YourUninstaller2008 you still have to run disk cleanup and actually dump all of it again, to confirm it to the computer. I'm no computer geek, but, this is what has been working for me.

After you remove unwanted programs, ect. there will be registry errors. Why? So, they can sell you another piece of software called RegClean. I like RegClean because it repairs registry errors without tearing up my computer. I bought something else once. We finally gave that computer away!

You can usually find this stuff thru google but if anyone has trouble finding anything, send me a message, I'll share the link with you.

Happy Surfin'

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