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HI, new here and really like some of the info from here. i'm just getting ready to start at schneider bulk. i leave for training june 9th in dallas, then houston from there.

so anyone interested i will try and post my advancement thru the process as i go thru it.
Welcome to the site

Can't wait to hear how the process goes for ya. Might help someone else out later on going through the same training.
First off, welcome to the forum. This is a new place that I found while I was looking for a new driving job. The folks here are great, glad to see another new guy here.

I chose Schneider as well, after joining here. I am pulling van though, not bulk, but considered giving bulk a try. I would like to hear how that goes for you, as I still consider giving it a try now and then.

thank you all for the warm welcome.

and i will update you all as i go thru this process. from what i understand its a little different for bulk. you go to either dallas or harrisburg,pa for your first two weeks and then to houston or corrapilis? for bulk training and then straight to a road trainer (te). then you have to pass another test called sqt. then you get your very own truck. i for 1 can not wait to get going.

talk to you all soon and hope all finds you well.
Welcome, fairly new pumpkin driver myself, went through training and have been out on my own with the company for abou a week.

Enjoying myself, and looking forward to hearing how your experience goes.

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