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Feb 1, 2007
First off, welcome to the forum. This is a new place that I found while I was looking for a new driving job. The folks here are great, glad to see another new guy here.

I chose Schneider as well, after joining here. I am pulling van though, not bulk, but considered giving bulk a try. I would like to hear how that goes for you, as I still consider giving it a try now and then.
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Jun 1, 2007

thank you all for the warm welcome.

and i will update you all as i go thru this process. from what i understand its a little different for bulk. you go to either dallas or harrisburg,pa for your first two weeks and then to houston or corrapilis? for bulk training and then straight to a road trainer (te). then you have to pass another test called sqt. then you get your very own truck. i for 1 can not wait to get going.

talk to you all soon and hope all finds you well.
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