Owner Operator New O/O with insurance issues


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I recently purchased a used truck and applied for my own Authority. I have everything except the insurance required to make my MC# active. The problem I am having is the cost of the insurance. my lowest quote is 35k a year and they are saying it is because I am a new company even though I have had a DOT# for years.
I just have not done for hire OTR work. Just local stuff and hauling my own Equipment for a small construction company.
My driving record is clean with no points and one excessive speed ticket but not in a Commercial Vehicle. The sentence was suspended and I was placed on one year diversion and had to take a driver safety course.
I think my best bet is to operate under someone else's Authority until I get past 2 years. I don't know and the truck is sitting for 3 months without earning any revenue. I need some help fast.


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First year carriers really get it socked to them. Depending on where you are domiciled, where the truck will be parked during home time, whether your state is a no-fault state, etc, greatly influence rates.

Working through an insurance broker may help you to find something more reasonable.


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Best bet would be to get insurance for what you do need outside of the primary liability. Then come back after 1 year and see what has changed.