New Jersey bill would crack down on road rage


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A bill in the New Jersey Assembly that is intended to help curb rage could come up for consideration in the final month of the regular session.

I think this is one of the things that needs to be addressed on our roads. I am tired of being run off the road by people that are in a hurry to to the store. And for what to stand there in the check out lane and wait on the person in front of them that don't have enough in their accoount. lol And this was worth cutting me off for. Now this is also the thing that gets to the new driver out there. He/she gets mad about being cut off and tries the return the favor. And this goes on and on. Here is the thing. Like it or not we all have to deal with the attatudes out there. But revenge is a endless game. And out there on the highway people will die. So there is no room for this game. As truck ddrivers in this great country of ours we MUST do our best to have a great impact on the 4wheeler, And the little big truckers (campers being pulled by the tiny pick ups.) So no matter how made you are here is what I like to do. Just smile and wave. And I don't mean fly the bird. lol. Because, You feel better and it makes them madder cause you aren't mad with them.

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