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I have not posted for awhile but I wanted to say all my writing and raising a ruckus with the help of you guys has made people stop in their tracks and listen.

In a number of areas there are things occuring.

My Company is doing some much needed revisions, of course the economic indications are persuasive which makes it all the more importent to talk a lot right now while corporations & Government are scratching their heads figuring out who they can stick it to next.

I have not exactly won everyone over BUT I'm very glad people from here are pitching in a bit of time to write comments and contribute their perscpectives so that the non-trucking world can understand better what is going on in this industry that needs prompt attention.

I'm just going with topics as they come to reach out to non-truckers and get them to at least listen and it is working.

I'm going to be returning to Texas in a couple weeks for a Bill that is being put forward there and I hope to make new Twitter connections for Trucking issues later.

Also hoping to attend GATS in Dallas with iPhone Trucker App that just came out.

Thanks Everyone


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Hello everyone,
I am a french journalist working for the national TV and i am preparing a 52 ' movie about "Truckers in America".
We are actually looking for a trucker that we coul follow on the roads and it would be great to follow a woman, like a one doing very long distances or travelling with her children etc.
I thought that maybe you could help me to find her.
Thanks a lot for reading me and hope to get news from you!


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Welcome to the forum.

There are alot of good women here, let me rephrase that, there are alot of women here that might be able to help you. Good luck in your search.


I'm about to be a woman truck driver. My husband and I are changing careers after 29 years of marriage to team truck drivers. We will start school with SAGE next month. Any advice on a company to persue for employment. We don't want to rely on SAGE a 100% for employment. Home time is not importat to us. Also, any advice for a woman starting out with a trainer.


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hi ladies i probly shouln t be her i didn t read ur posts figuredit wasn t my business just wanted to say lotta respect for the women out there gettin it done. like to see more out there


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I just want to thank everyone for this interesting thread. I liked it so much I had 2 post!

I am not a truck driver but ever since I was a kid it interested me since both my father and mother's father did some driving in their time.

I have driven on a couple long road trips, but for health reasons I have never been able to explore working as a trucker. But the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps as a passenger I could enjoy the open road.

I am NOT interested in becoming a trucker groupie though.

I just think the idea of sharing an adventure with people who have been many places and seen America from coast to coast would be a life enhancing experience. Kinda like Pippi Longstocking and her pals livin it up on the edge of adventure!

My thinkin is that maybe there's a trucker going up north 2 deliver something and needs a bit o company. I wanna go visit my Mama and so I hop in and off we go. Or maybe it's from west coast to east coast and back again. We both have some business 2 tend to and the company could really keep u from goin stir crazy on the open road. It could be a journey where we share our insights along with the changing view of the world out the front window.

I have seen a couple of adverts on craigslist looking for woman passengers and I am wondering if I should be cautious after seeing the horror stories of women abducted in situations like this. Is there any way to be certain that friendship is what they are looking 4 and nothing else?


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You're playing russian rullette u being the female and wanting to go with a trkdriver.They will start out as all nice to u but if u don't put out chances are you'll get dropped off at the nearest exit.Or u may be with a driver who dont like the word no and beat the crap out of u.Many out there are looking for friendship at first but many times does'nt end up that way.I'm a lady trk driver and if it were me i'd get to know him first before even considering being his travel companion.After reading your post it kind of sounds like you're just looking for a ride so that u can go see mom and nothing at all wrong with that just be carefull who takes u.


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I really thank you for taking the time to respond. This was my initial knee-jerk reaction to being a passenger to a male truck driver but I didn't want to rule it out.

On another note, are there any Women Truckers who wouldn't mind a lil' company? goin from coast to coast?

And Boone,

You have an opposing view. I welcome any suggestions you have for me to gaurantee a stress-free, boundary-respecting trip with a male driver? I don't relish being gender biased but driving with Women is looking much safer.


well since I can't exactly put myself in your shoes, I can't give you any other advice then to use your head, be smart about what you decide to do
Glad to finally see that there are new posts here. I have been a female driver for 38 years. O/O for last 10 years. When I started trucking there weren't many women driving. Unless they were riders keeping husbands and boyfriends company . Not many truck stops had men and women showers. If they did have showers were mostly for men, they have give us woman signs place on door. Also back in them 1st starting years most people felt woman belong in homes taking caring children and households, as husbands duties bring home the bacon, in some cases this was. Boy the industry has changed.
On occasions get talk to another woman driver on CB, most would be in Diners and working service counters ect. Hated them days and years. BUT now weeeeee!!!!

Today I am in a new at this O/O business with my husband. Together in the joint effort to make a better trucking industry, safe, better pay scales for all drivers here in the United States. We as O/O want to see 100% of the fuel surcharge passed on to the ones that actually pay for the fuel, even if we do get a discount. In togetherness and a effort all drivers company or O/O, need stand together make all states to require same rules reg. laws for CDLs and have the same set amounts of fine cost dollar wise for any tickets and violations being given. Companies that O/O leased to have programs for Safe Driving Awards and some kind program for those that are Independent to be Rewarded for the great job they do and comply in Safety and Good Driving. We need keep together on fuel prices and other issues. We myself and husband are thankful for programs in trucking industry they do have now days. One in mind for O/O is OORIDA , have help us greatly. This statement below was said by another woman driver and O/O and it is very wise and true statement hon.

Love your post what gave me courage to write few things also

The O/O's of this country are a fine bunch of proud folks.

Thanks for letting me take time say these things hope hear from others God Bless Keep Safe Out There