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At a time when companies are going out of buisness we are starting a new one !!!!!! We have purchased ex-stevens trucks for company driver that we will be providing competitive wages and benefits. But mu biggest challege is what to offer the owner operator...we are currently looking at .85 plus fuel surcharge for all miles or 1.20 flat all miles with fuel included. Is this something that will attract owner ops or what are they really looking for ?
I feel sorry for you. :)

Our company purchased a bunch of Stevens trucks and have regretted it ever since. Between the trainers and the students, the trucks were simply worn out. I think every one of them has had to have a clutch put in it, and overall, the trucks proved to be horrible shortly after getting them, and absolute nightmare for the mechanics, and drivers hate the trucks.

T2000's don't hold up real well with age. They are fine for 2-3 years, but after that, they just seem to fall apart, and windnoise is a nightmare in these things.

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