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Hey ya'll, just got a quick question. I am looking to buy a dump truck and I need to have an automatic trans in it. Can I get some feedback on what you think is the best to use. The motors that I am looking at is Cat in a Cat or a Freitliner.

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This really comes down to opinion more than anything in regards to different manufacturers.

Mack makes a very good work truck, if you are doing local work. Don't care much for driving them OTR though.


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Get whatever has your differential gear x lowest trans gear is as close to 50 as you can get.

An 18 spd tranny has a LL gearing of 14.40. so 50/14.4= 3.47.

An Allison 10 spd is 7.40 for 1st. So you'd want 50/7.4 or 6.75. not likely to happen in most trucks.

Has to do more with the ability to operate in the actual off-road job sites.

Personally, I'd get a Detroit and find the gearing I want to get me close to that 50 mark.

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