Fuel NASTC Fuel Card

Does anyone have any info on the NASTC fuel card? I've been going a long time without a fuel card and been thinking about this one since so many people I run in to have it.

What are the pros and cons?

Are there monthly fees?

I heard theres a class you need to take. Whats that all about?


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I use my fuelman and Loves mostly,but I park at a fuel stop that lets me have credit and bills me once a month,cash price,which is still a little high
I have a comdata which I rarely use for fuel


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We have NASTC Fleet One cards. Fee is high at non-network stops, so we have EFS as well. I used it more when we could see the discounted price on the web page, now I only use it where I know the discount doesn't fluctuate wildly from day to day . (Kiss my ass, TA and Petro)


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Using NASTC and the discounts are great. I hade a couple other cards, one of them got cancelled due to never being used anymore, and I still have a Loves card that I was trying to use occasionally but never use it anymore either.

I simply cannot find another network where I can lower my fuel costs any further than with NASTC.