My Username Sucks

Uncle Birchy

Life Coach
If this is you, for a limited time, you may change your username here on the forum.

Ok, you will be able to do this indefinitely, but for a limited time, you can do it for free.

Some of you have some really bad usernames. No idea how you came up with them, and I am sure you spend every waking moment wishing you have chosen differently. This is your chance.

Seriously, you can do this. And yes, it is free. In the future, we will be charging $2354668639464.99 for each username change, so get in on this now while it is free!

How do you do this? It's simple. Even a caveman can do it! Heck, even @Skateboard puller could figure this out!. (Ok, maybe not).

Anyhow, Here is a direct link to your username, and you should see an option to change it. Once changed, you will have to wait on our username change coordinators to approve the change, because we all know some of you will try to come up with something stupid, illegal, or just downright pathetic, and we must protect you from yourselves.

Here's the link:
My "User-Name" STINKS too..

Associated with Meth, Rush Limbaugh and the Simpsons all in one

Then again having 2 change it ...

I mean everybody knows me as "Birch"..

What would I change too