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Some of you may not remember me some do. But all of you should know that I am damn cool. I am here to explain my lack of posting, there is nothing wrong with the site, or the people, or even as shocking as it may seem, the staff. All one of him. But in general with the trucking industry I was disgusted, aggravated, and angry. I gave a mediocre company over a year of my time only to be treated like garbage and not listened to when it came to problems.

I have never admitted to driving for the fun of it, I drive to make money, just like the rest of America who gets up everyday working at a job they hate just to get by. I left my job with no job in sight, unsure of what I was going to do. All I knew was that I couldn't continue at the pace I was going. I started living off my savings, my wife moved out on me, I moved in with a friend. Finally when I was really about to give up all hope and call my old company back, because I did leave on good terms.

I found a web ad on craigslist, warehouse/CDL driver needed. I called found out it was a temp agency but what the hell. It gave me hope for another week. I went in everything went well, I found out the job was local running kelloggs around the NC area. I've been there for two weeks and love it. All in NC work, never more than one overnight. And the pay isnt great, but I start work at 3 am, and work until 1 pm with time to hit school afterwards.

Short Version:

At first I was :dunno:

Then I was :confused:

And now I am :cheers:

And all of you are :blah:

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