Movies you just watched


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Duel, Convoy, white line fever, cannonball run, sharkys machine, hooper...

Oughta be required viewing at any trucking “school” :D
Oh yea wait till 5G fully rolls out we'll have self driving trucks and cars people in the parks and walking on the sidewalks with there freaking goggles on paying no never mind to where there going lol

Uncle Birchy

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Bad Milo

Def recommend...(netflix)
Bout a stress-parasite growing in a guys belly...Its gets so big it comes out and starts killing the people giving him all the stress...
Super Well made, like a docu-drama, which made it hilarious...He does bond with it, and continues to host it
Was that one of those "Zombie" flicks..

On Apps watchout for ZOMBIES why I got so "addicted" to those app games...

I would "Dream" about it and when I woke up "prior" to my Coffee I almost thought Real People were ZOMBIES too and plotting a plan


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Watched the head hunter
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Last night I watched at "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster- sort of a Death Wish scenario with a female protagonist- one scene in particular made me clap and laugh- she's deadly- LOL


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It actually wasn’t bad. The story is decently put together and the special effects are really well done.

Not a bad movie for a comic character every spent a lot of years laughing at.

There’s a couple huge monsters that look purely Lovecraftian.