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I washed trucks for Tri State trucking and am owed close to $4,000.00. I did honest and dependable work for this company and was assured in Feb 2007, by the owner, I would be paid in full. This money has been owed since Aug of 2006. Tri State was in the middle if merging with Ward when my services were rendered, giving them an alley to escape paying their obligations. I am a small pressure washing company that needs this money to provide for my family.
I don't like the word sue, but can somebody help me get in touch with these people. It just makes my stomach turn to think there are people out there who "steal" from trusting, honest people
Sorry to hear that you got taken for a ride. You are more then likely going to have to go to court over this on though. Because, if they were in the middle of a merger then actually they are both resposable for the bill. It really is a matter of the date on the contract, as to whom owes you the money. And to try to get it yourself you are going to go through the " He owes you. No he owes you game" And that really stinks. So I would just take it to court and let the man who your tax dollars are paying tell you who is going to give you the money. Again I am sorry to hear that you were taken for a ride. And this is what I ment when I said in my blog, What happened to the real Truckers. When I started driving you could trust a trucker for anything.


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It sucks to think that you can't trust anyone to hold up their end of the deal when you complete work to their satisfaction as you promised. I would advise you to bite the bullet and contact a lawyer. You can't afford to be nice when your lively hood is at stake.


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Yep, hit them for the bills, the court costs, work missed from pursuing this, interest, and anything else you can squeeze out of them.


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I don't like to take people to court either, but in your case, that's exactly what I'd do. You've waited long enough. Get yourself to a lawyer, let him or handle it, and get back to focusing on positive things.


Aww wow that is too bad to hear that this happened too you and I would highly advise you to seek an attorney and take them to court.


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You probably can take them to small claims. Check with your local magistrate and see what is the limit. He can also provide you with the forms but cannot give you legal advice. Check the Secretary of State website to see if the company has a registered agent. If so that is the person you will have to serve. Usually the court will do that for you. If not you will serve them C/O Secretary of State. This is not enough to warrant hiring an attorney unless you want him to just send them a letter. Usually that will run you about 200.