Mj and vaping while driving


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I don’t use mj and am a non smoker. I have been puffing on this little vape from tome to time that my sister gave me. I get such a head rush from this thing that I feel these should be illegal while driving . I had to lay down and was dizzy. I feel like nicotine is more dangerous than marijuana. My dad smokes pot every day and is much safer of a driver than 99% of drivers. He also smokes cigarettes.

I know most people don’t really feel much when vaping and for most people it’s perfectly fine to drive while vaping or smoking. But you could say same for mj.

4mer Trucker

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You should try Copenhagen. It won’t make you dizzy and will keep you alert. Also if you swallow some of the juice it will suppress your appetite and keep you from getting fat on all this junk food out here. Don’t swallow all the juice, just a little every 5 minutes or so.
So that's Ur secret to maintaining a sleek Athletic Build??

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