Missouri lawmaker opposed to highway shutdowns


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Concern about traffic congestion has led one Missouri state lawmaker to draft a bill to limit the shutdown of any major highway or interstate in the state.

NOW I WONDER why he would do that, could it be that he suspects we are about to get it together and do somthing about the problems we face , could it be that he knows what is about to happen if we shut down, could it be that we have got there attention and we havent even started yet. BUT the word is spreading and the movement grows stronger every day a lot of drivers are beggining to realise that they do have the power to make change all they have to do is get together and use that power .
keep the converstion going keep spreading the word sooner or later it will all come together then one day the trucks will just stop then things will start to change .
the best of luck to all. J.R. HORTON

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