Mileage counters


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No real point here. I just saw an episode of King Of The Hill where the new owner installed a piece of equipment that monitered the company truck drivers. When the old owner was told about it, he balked and said it was ridicluous. And that he always used midgets behind the seat to suit this purpose because it was cheaper! Just got a good laugh about it and wanted to share.


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We have hub counters laying around here. When I worked thirds I used to just sit and spin one by hand. It built up my arms and wrists for sure. That's how slow thirds were around here. Not I work first and have the interent. YAY!!

But mileage counters can be fun, just not as much fun as Midgets and the Internet! :)


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I think I saw the same episode. Gotta love Hank Hill. He should drive a truck fueled by clean burning energy efficient propane!