Mexican trucks show better safety records than U.S. counterparts


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I wonder if this article is just to appease us in some way?

Mexican trucks show better safety records than U.S. counterparts
WASHINGTON – Mexican commercial carriers that have enjoyed a little publicized right to send trucks beyond a restricted U.S. border zone in recent years have a better safety record than their U.S. counterparts, federal transportation officials said Tuesday.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said the carriers, who number 859, had only 1.21 percent of their drivers removed from service after they failed roadside inspections between 2003 and 2006.


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As a driver that has entered his fair share of weight stations, and driven into plenty roadside inspections, I have a very simple theory on this.

When trucks go through weigh stations/roadside inspections, generally what I and most people I have discussed this with have noticed is that it isn't the junky trucks that get pulled in for an inspection. This would require the inspector to actually get dirty and work. Instead, it seems they go after the clean trucks that appear to be well maintained. That may sound hard to believe, but this has been my experience.

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