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We've talked about physical health, now what about the mind? How do you keep your mind sharp during miles of staring at the road? I have tried a few audio books, stories and learning ones. Helps keep the old gears a-grinding.
XM Radio is wonderful, keeps you up to date on everything, without the annoyance of losing he channel you were listening to just as the show got interesting.

Other than that, I am online usually when I am stopped for very long. I have a TV, but very seldom turn it on.
To keep my mind sharp I have started trying to learn new languages. I find that you can download free mp3s from the net and I just listen to them on my player while driving or sitting around and I hope the new input will help keep my mind fresh.
My husband has started to listen to some of the old classics on CD. I've always enjoyed reading the classics and I think it's fun that he is now discovering some of these wonderful old stories. I often wonder how a person gets through life without having read Robinson Crusoe.
My husband has become a lot smarter since he started truck driving. He listens to podcasts now, but he used to listen to some language CDs and he found some CDs from a bunch of college courses that he would use to learn some new things with. I think that's how he keeps his sanity while driving. :)
I listen to talk radio a lot, and that helps me feel connected. I also have my laptop with me so I can stay in touch with friends and family. I'm a team driver, so loneliness isn't as much of a problem for me as for solo drivers.
I love podcasts, you can find so many free ones and covering a lot of topics also. That is a great way to keep your mind busy.

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