Measure your truck before buying appliances


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Or you will end up like me, taking a new microwave out of a box and ending up pissed off to no end realizing it wont fit anywhere other than the middle of the floor :)

I bought a fairly small one (.7cubic foot/700 watt) form Wal-Mart, got it into the truck last night, and left for Georgia. Get to the receiver today, go to set it up, and couldn't find anywhere to put it. Ended up sticking it in the side box, which still makes it easy enough to get to as I just have to raise the bunk, or can access it from outside. The invertor is under there anyway.

Now to cook something :)


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My co-driver and I really like those Hormel Completes. You can get all different varieties, and they don't require refrigeration before you eat them, so they don't take up any extra room in your fridge. We get Campbell's Chunky Chili too. It's great with some tostitos. We're all about microwaving stuff.

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