Manual or Automatic Transmissions, Which is best?


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I am seeing that some large company use only automatic transmissions in there trucks. For any of you that have driven both, which do you prefer?
I have yet to drive an automatic. Would love to do so, but I won't let that be a deciding factor on where I work. I am for anything that makes the job easier though.
I had absolutely no desire to ever get into a truck with an automatic transmission....... Until I finally got in my first one. These things are absolutely great, and I hope I never have to go back to a manuel again. :D
Haven't drivent an Automatic over the road, but have driven one in town. From my small amount of experience with the automatics, I would have to say I like them. From what I here, they are standing up to heavy work pretty well now that the bugs have been worked out of the early models.
Been in an automatic now for almost a month, and I love it. Took a little while to get used to at stop lights, backing into docks, and backing under a trailer, but it was a quick transition.

I don't EVER want to drive a manual again, LOL
I like both, but I guess if I had to pick now, I would take the auto. It makes mountian driving even MORE enjoyable. And it makes city traffic bearable.
i think the automatic is taking away the true driving experience. automatics allow anybody to drive a truck and could make the roads even more dangerous than they are now. i prefer the manual 10 speed. :cool:
Automatic is great, manual too, if you know how to shift not using clutch. There is some problem, if you start with automatic transmission, and want to change company, may have a problem pass road test. In future automatic only.
Auto!! What???

LOL If I want a gear I'm gonna get me a gear. Not request that the tranny shifts when it feels in the mood. I"m sorry I remember when the AC was a fan that vibrated on the dash. Its the experience of driving the tractor not it driving u. Have a good one .:cool:

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