In God We Trust
I think lumpers are one of the biggest scams we face today. I mean how can a reciever charge us to take their crap off our trailers ? And why do companies put up with this ? This just comes to mind cause i had to deal with one friday. I was at OK grocery in crafton, Pa (just outside of Pittsburgh) friday morning and i went into the office to find out what door he wanted it in. He asked me if i was gonna unload myself or get a lumper. I try not to be rude at shippers/recievers but for some odd reason this just irratated me. I told him i wasn't directing it at him, so he understood. I told him i thought lumpers are a scam and why should i pay a reciever to take their crap off my trailer. And the funny thing is , personally i don't pay this fee, my company does. I told him i guess a lumper will do it as i wasn't gonna unload a grocery load. Then i grab the lumper to give him the paper the reciver gave me and i had to wake him up. I see why companies do it cause this way they are not responsible for any medical insurance if they get hurt. On the upside of all this , after i got unloaded the lumper gave me the paperwork and i checked out and left. Total cost for being unloaded, 0$. Priceless. I finally won one.