Looking for dimensions of highway trucks


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Does anyone knows or can point me to a site where I can get dimensions of Freighliner Century/Columbia, Mack Vision, International 9200i, Volvo 610/660/770, Peterbilt 387 all with condo sleepers, tandem axle.

Thanks a lot!
Thank for website, but as I understand it shows sizes of the pictures in pixels, but not actual size of trucks.
for those kind of dimensions you might want to check out the frieghtliner, kenworth, peterbuilt websites directly. i saw them when i looked around. start by googling kenworth truck dimensions and try going from there. if you got a dealership near by they will know and probably have pamplets they can give you. :cool:
I would think that the best place to find that info is at the company website. Something that specific is probably only known to manufacturers and dealers.
:) I would think so too, but this is not the case. I searched every corner of Freightliner.com, Peterbilt.com etc.

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