Looking for a regional position is houston tx.


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any regional companies out there that is 4-5 days out that average 3000 - 3500 miles a week and home on the weekends, that take students that are on probation for a felony?


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That's alot of demands, lets go over a few of the problems, one you're a felon. Not going to go over this too much, you have have to live with it, two you want regional, and three you want 3000-3500 miles a week. Every driver wants 3000-3500 miles a week. You may want to try Shaffer, while they are owned by the same company as Crete they do not require a Hazmat.


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Just to be clear

You said you are on probation for a felony. Then you said you are not a felon. Did you mistakenly say felony in instead of misdemeanor, or possibly mistakenly say probation for parole? Not to pry, but these things are important when trying to answer questions. :) Going to Canada, and having a HAZMAT endorsement come into play, and the HAZMAT endorsement particularly comes into play if you are wanting to run close to Houston.

As for 3000+ miles/week, it probably isn't going to happen with a regional job. I would say there is a 99% chance it won't happen with a regional job.

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