Looking for a good trucking company in Oregon...


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I am thinking of going back on the road for a year or two but want to be home every week or 10 days with a couple of days off. I live in central Oregon. Does anyone know of a good paying trucking job in Oregon. I am looking for a good company that takes care of their drivers. I can drive almost anything but do not have hazmat endorsement. Thanks so much in advance.
there are alot of truck driving job sites on the internet. try googling your area for driving jobs. a few sites that might help are : bubbajunk.com, classadrivers.com, or even everytruckjob.com. that should get you started in your quest. good luck.
If you get the hazmat, you shouldn't have any problems finding something to suit your needs. If you're not interested in getting that certification, I would put a resume out there and see who bites.
hazmat is overrated. i mean how many times have you actually used it. in 16 years i can count on one hand how many times i have used it. i run as hard as humanly possible and don't run any hazmat. not worth it. it doesn't pay anymore and all the aggrevation of stopping and keeping an eye on it is not worth it.
Yeah, but unfortunately, some of the major companies require their drivers to have it. I know for Schneider, I have to have Hazmat within 90 days of completing my training.

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