Lockridge Report 2pm Eastern time 4-25


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They have Jb Schaffner booked tomorrow on the Lock Ridge Report on Sirius radio. I contacted them, gave his information and Evan thought it was JB but no worries he will be on there regardless.

Here's the message I got and yes I edited it per his request:
Good talking with you this morning. I have you booked to come on The
Report on Friday at 2pm, Eastern. Someone from Sirius in NY will call
you about
that time at 940-923-3267. If possible, we will also try have on Mark
Kirsch and
will call him at 717-821-2013. If you have any questions in the
meantime, you
can call me at the number below, but please do not publish the number.


Evan Lockridge
Host, The Lockridge Report
Anchor, Sirius Trucking News
Road Dog Trucking Radio-Ch. 147

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