Little Boy Trucker


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Little Boy Trucker

A preacher was walking down the sidewalk one day and noticed a little boy sitting on the curb. The little boy would pop a m&m in his mouth pick up his cat that was sitting on his lap and bite it and slide down the curb.
This interested the preacher so he kept watching the little boy and after two repeat performances asked the little boy what he was doing?
The little boy replied, "Preacher, I'm playing truckdriver" The preacher was confused and said "What" The little boy repeated that he was playing truck driver, "You see", the little boy said, "I'm popping pills, eating pu**y and sliding on down the road"......


THANK GOD I'M AN AMERICAN yall tell me...Damnit. Figured that was one of the requirements to go to hell LOL....but here you tell it, I'm not supposed to chew the white pills. Damnit, never know who to listen to...Good lord I give up