Life in Sector 7 G.


In Gord we trust!
I have closed my other 20 thread, Because I am not OTR anymore and I am always here and not Here today, Gone later on today
I am looking forward to posting in my new 20 thread and reading your posts as well.

@Mike I hope I have not violated any rules. I closed my other 20 thread so I don't have 2 my 20 threads. By all means delete my other my 20 thread Here today, Gone later on today
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Running th' racetrack when the bright yeller thingy is in th' sky is a case of bad timing...
Wouldn’t matter if it was 3 in the morning. Last time I tried to skate thru in the dark hours some drunk hit the wall took out two other cars and a rig. Had the whole mess blocked. ATL is never good. If I make it from 20 to 85 in less than 2 hours I consider it a success.

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