L.A. trucks opt for off-peak trips


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PierPASS says its OffPeak program has diverted more than 5 million truck trips from peak daytime traffic since the program’s start in July 2005. The program has eliminated costly bottlenecks – and resulting pollution -- at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California, the company says.

In an average week, OffPeak removes 60,000 truck trips from the freeways during busy commuting hours, reducing congestion and benefiting local air quality.

OffPeak uses a congestion-pricing model that provides an incentive for cargo owners to move shipments at night and on weekends. Cargo owners moving containers at the two ports during peak daytime hours are required to pay a Traffic Mitigation Fee, which helps fund the cost of operating five new shifts per week at marine terminals (Monday through Thursday nights, and Saturdays).

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