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When you got your truck pegged as fast as it will go not even going the speed limit and you get passed by another truck. Do you

A: dont bother you a bit.

B: start thinking of how you can get another 5 mph out of your truck

C: look at who he works for and make mental note. (can go faster than my truck and I wonder if there hireing)

D: get anoyed that your getting passed.

E: start wondering how many miles there getting a week.

If you have anymore answers feel free to insert.


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I've never worked for a company that had controlled the speed in that way, but I've often felt bad for the drivers that do. Yes, it would bug me to no end. The only thing that would make me feel better is if I was getting a fuel bonus from the company. That may ease my pain somewhat!


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I have been in a 67 MPH truck since June. And yes, it annoys me to constantly be passed because I hate not being able to run the speed limit.

My days of driving at a high rate of speed are over, but I would at least like to run the speed limit.


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not much passes me, when the roads are clear. i cruise on by a many trucks and am glad it's not me going slow.