john christner trucking


good or bad co to lease on too????


7. The load issues: One of John Christner's largest customers is TYSON/IBP. The main issue with TYSON/IBP is the fact that they often take forever to load a trailer. Even if they are LATE getting your trailer (or pre-loaded trailer) done, JCT, or maybe it was just my driver manager, Brock Abbey, they won't reschedule the delivery appointments, EVEN if you tell them each day that you probably won't make it on time.
I pulled Tyson/IBP loads every week for about 5 years.

Trust me when I say this, ... the problem lies with Tyson.

I don't know how dispatch at JCT works, they could be making it worse, ... but Tyson/IBP is a major pain in the ass to haul for. Tight schedules, trucks loaded late half the time, refusing to reschedule deliveries even when it's their own damn fault. They're also hard on the carrier's office staff.