Jefferson Maine Roads Remain Open to Trucking For Now


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State roads in and around Jefferson remained open to heavy trucks as of March 28. Department of Transportation Regional Manager, Rhonda Fletcher, said the department had no plans to post the roads with weight limits. Nonetheless, she urged caution, recommending trucks travel at times when the wet roadbed is frozen and less susceptible to damage.

Route 218 was posted without warning two weeks ago, sending local businesses into a panic when it became apparent the state planned to post Routes 126, 215 and 32 the following day.

Historically, those roads have not been posted in spring. The DOT plan came as a surprise to area truckers and businessmen. The 23,000-pound weight limit would have put a stranglehold on local commerce, which relies on the roads to truck logs, gravel, building supplies and other materials.

Route 194 and Route 32 from Atlantic Highway down into Bremen remained posted. The weight limit posting signs were removed from Route 218.


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