Ivy Tech partners with trucking giant Schneider to train drivers


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INDIANAPOLIS — Ivy Tech Community College on Wednesday announced a collaboration with Schneider, one of the nation's largest trucking companies, to train drivers at its corporate college campus.

Schneider will pay all program costs for students seeking a Class A commercial driver's license. Covered in the program will be classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training with instructors, licensing and endorsements.

After candidates successfully complete the 160-hour program, Schneider will pay the tuition costs.

"Schneider is proud of our long-standing relationship with Ivy Tech Community College, and we've hired many of their graduates," said Rob Reich, senior vice president at Schneider. "Their training meets the highest standards and prepares graduates for the industry."

Schneider employs or leases more than 414 drivers and owner-operated trucks in Indiana, and is currently hiring statewide, according to company officials.



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Welllll sure! Why wouldn't they?

Send a message to interested parties that they ...... May have career driving for Schneider?

Hell yeah! Where do I sign up?


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What does Schneider want in return? I can guarantee if the student quits immediately after completing the 160-hour company stuff, he or she will owe Schneider some money.


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Yeah my school had a deal with Schnieder, I didn't get no job. I bet they regret that. R.J From Toronto is the most sought after driver out there. lol.