ISX engine tick


Had a unit come in for ticking/ knocking noise. Sounded just like a bad camshaft/cam rocker. Popped the top end, all ok. Valve set mint. Engine cooled off and sounded excellent. Took the truck for a drive, ticking got louder the hotter it got and got to sounded like a faint knock. Jacked the head off of it and found this.
20200602_103422.jpg 20200602_103408.jpg 20200602_103412.jpg 20200602_103418.jpg

Wrist pin snapped clean through. Piston was getting cocked in the liner and the piston skirt grooved up the wall. Look how deep the groves marks are. It ran amazing good cold and not that horrible warm. Customer was very close to going curtain shopping for the new hole in his block.

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