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i got a cdl in 10/05 went to work with am can transport out of anderson,sc. as a rookie formal driveing exp...went out my first trip to los ang. california...ok here goes we left s.c 8hrs later my trainer said to take over in oaklahoma i did...he jumps in back and says...(wake me when u get to so and so texas...i say ok stratching my head i drive straight 12 something hrs and finally make it to his trading dog tierd this were the hell begins.....i go hell him fuel up grab quick bite etc. during time im waiting on burger hes hunting me asking why im takeing so long.....remeber i drove straight i used bathroom ...grabed few snacksfor the road....then went to busy inhouse restaraunt...anywhoot,being i was a long ways from the house and didnt know this guy well...i forgot about burger and went got in big deal...then i lay down ...and i lay...and i lay...and i thought he hitting every bump in the road on purpose....then i thought is there that many curves on this road....then i figured id pray....then i lay some more and never go to time to drive again.....i go about 8 hrs and get so sleepy,i wake him to tell him what im doing he tries to push me as far as i can i drive a little farther and finally pull over near an off ramp...he acted like he wasnt to happy but i took about a 1.5 hr nap on the wheel...didnt close curtain (didnt know they was there till on way back home)i wake and by luck i was only 30 min from our switching we switch....did i mention we shared bottom bunk and id have to pull up his sleep wear every single anyways i lay and i lay...u guesses its my time to drive to sum this up in a hurry i sleep in 6 days about 4 hrs and i lost my appetite and couldnt hold nothing trainer wouldnt tell me anything other than keep it between the lines and i needed to drive a little faster.needless to say it was a total nightmare running as a team not to mention he drank like a i decided it wasnt for me and quit on good terms......but just so happens my brother worked with same co.and he took his trainging class and we talked them into letting me run with again i went out to la cali and this time we pulled over twice on the way out and twice on the way back and man what adifference that made...but witha job offer through u.p.s finally came through during this trip i again quit to go to this other job...and the u.p.s job wasnt all it was cracked up to be and part time with other downsides.i moved on to state job that was low payed and i still kinda want to drive a trk again but every co. out there from my understanding wants to run trainees as a team does anyone know of a co. that dont train this way or do i need to hang it up...any advice would be greatly appreciated.....gearchanger
Your story is a common one, many trainers make the rookie do all the driving time and push them around. Driving team is a very HARD way to go with a bad partner. Just spend some time on here and ask about any company you want to check out. Someone on here is sure to give you feedback.

Also a good way (sneaky) is to ask what is the company CB channel. Then listen in and hear how the drivers talk about the company. Or just plain ask them.

Best Regards, Hurgoll
I graduated from TDI driving school in March of this year. Was about to go to work for Swift when I discovered Senn Freight (flatbed) in Newberry, SC. They were closer to my hometown. So I signed on and the stuck me with their "top" trainer...he was a total jack-ass. I could do nothing right, couldnt shift right, drove to slow, downshifted (how i was taught in school) that really pissed him off. When id do things his way he'd still find something to complain about. I spent a week with him, a very rough time! I couldnt eat, sleep and was so tired, hungry & frustrated that I could barely speak to my wife on the phone without almost coming into tears.
I ended up leavin on good terms at the end of my first week. I almost regret not sticking it out.
Now I have a non driving job & I sill have the desire to drive, but DO NOT want to have to ride with a trainer ever again. Im hoping I can find a way around this issue. Would like to become an Owner Operator, but most companies want U to have 6mos.- 1 yr of experience. I gues I could always haul cars locally with my own truck & trailer.

Good luck to you!
being with a trainer is hard to do. bottom line is you have to remember one thing, most drivers like the solitude while driving and having someone else there distrupts this. but their hunger for money overcomes this and they become trainers. if you ever have a problem with a trainer call the company asap and request/demand a new trainer. maybe hard to do but safety is more important than driver pushing you past your limits and endangering other drivers out there. bad thing is everybody goes thru a trainer when they start out, unless your one of the lucky few who know the right people. good luck out there and remember safety first. :cool:

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