Inframe and Out of Frame Engine Machining

Rutts Machine Inc. is in Elizabethtown, PA.
I do inframe engine machining on any engine. (Detroit, Cummins, Cat, Mack, Paccar, Etc)
I will travel anywhere to do this. Examples of places, that I have been (Bismarck, ND,/ Green Bay Wisconsin/Edmonton, Alberta/Long Island, NY/ Minot, ND/ Mobile, Alabama/ Springfield, Missouri/ Atlanta, Georgia/ Jamestown, NY/ Watertown, NY/Morehead City, NC/? New Hampshire/? Massachusetts/? Connecticut/ Jeromesville, OHIO / Etc, Etc)
I do most all of the counterboring procedures that other shops do,
but I have several procedures that are not performed by anybody else, that I know of. (There maybe some, but not many)
Examples of special inframe work that I do:

I machine Cat Electronic injector seats in head. (3406E/C15/C16/C18)
I bore & install Cat waterhole inserts in the decks of Cats. (Where grommets seats on the block deck)
NOTE: I can even do it, with the liners still installed in the block.
I bore & install Custom made repair sleeves in Cats, in the area that the liner o-rings seat. (Repairs to the bottom of the longer liner)
NOTE: previous Kent-Moore style repair sleeves, only repaired to the bottom o-ring, leaving the land below that unrepaired)
I bore & install (Cat) cam follower (lifter) bore, repair sleeves in 3406 A/B/C & 3408, and 3412.
NOTE: I can also repair the hole between the lifter bores, where the anti-rotation clip fits into.
I have a repair insert to install into head bolt holes to repair the cavitation from the bolt hole, to the cooling system.

I machine the counterbores on Cummins ISX blocks, for S/S shims.
NOTE: I have up to .185" thick shims, to repair the 152mm blocks that are cracked in the counterbore.
Note: I normally, remove the brass shim that comes on the new 150mm liners.
(For the most of my customers, who do not want any brass shims in that engine.)

I bore & install Mack E7 waterhole inserts in the decks of Macks. (Where grommets seats on the block deck)
NOTE: I can even do it, with the liners still installed in the block.
I repair Mack E7 blocks that crack at the left (near the front) head bolt hole, and leak coolant down the side of the block.
NOTE: Permanent repair

I repair the front gear cover on Detroit 60's where the A/C bracket, and or ALT bracket come loose, and wear the mounting surface.
I machine the counterbores for Detroit DD15 for Stainless Steel shims.

I machine Paccar MX13 for O/S flanged liners, or custom made S/S shims.

MBE4000: I machine the block deck, for brass inserts, where the head gasket grommet seat

I install, head bolt Helicoils in any engine. Helicoil S/S threads are better than the original Cast Iron threads.
(I use a special precision jig, to drill and tap for Helicoil inserts.)
NOTE: Extremely critical that they are installed exactly perpendicular to the block deck

Rutts Machine Inc, 717-367-3011
Donald Weaver 717-368-8532 (mobile cell)

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