if you have a felony can you still find a truck driving job ( felony 15 years old)?


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if you have a felony can you still find a truck driving job ( felony 15 years old)?


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Yes, you can and he/she can be bonded(insured) for employment plus any employer who hires someone with a conviction can apply for tax credit

The bonding thing is done for people who have convictions so that when an employer hires him or her they are insured. So if this person with the conviction commits a crime at work the employer collects the bond. It don't cost nothing to be bonded it's free for the person with the conviction and the employer.


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Felony..Bond...Deferred Probation

Where can I find out more about this bonding issue. There are several types of bonds. Do you know exactly what kind of bond it is? Can I get myself bonded through an attorney in advance?

I have not been convicted of a felony but I was "charged" with one and recieved deferred adjudicated probation.


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If you were not convicted, I doubt you have much to worry about.


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if you were "charged" with a felony with defered probation then you have a felony conviction on your record. your probably thinking that after you do restitution or whatever then the felony slate will be wiped clean as it was never there.


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No, deferred adjudication is just that!

They defer a conviction and give you an opportunity to finish probation without ever being convicted, unless you screw up on probation, then they will convict you.

Straight probation is probation as a convicted felon.

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