If you had an option


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I have an option, and that option is to refuse under any circumstances.

I don't have to deal with it where I currently work, but regardless, no company is sending me down there.

Not happening :)


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I would quit driving before I went there. And if I was stuck and the company refused to give me any other load, I would take a bus back home and leave the truck at a truck stop.


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No to Mexico for me. I would love to go to the western half of Canada though. I understand it is a pain getting across the border, alot of wasted time with paperwork though. My current truck is not aloud.


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I am not sure, first reaction was a solid no. then I thought, I wonder how they would like it if we all rushed into their country and started pulling their loads and took jobs from them.

Never happen, but I wish it could.


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I doubt that they would care. They are all here....remember?

You forget that the Mexican government protects Mexican jobs far better than the US protects our jobs.


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whats the big deal with mexico ? are we all talking from experience or from what we have heard from grouchy headstrong drivers and the newsmedia ?....... i have been to mexico and it was one heck of an experience. it's nothing like you hear until now. bottom line it goes like this : you stop just this side of the border and get your trailer tagged and marked (bad problem with theft across the boarder), go thru border control (leave everything electronic there, phones, laptops, etc) go approx 5 miles to the switch point. you swap trailers with one that is already there. as you do this they swap all tires to the trailer your bringing back and you take the grommets with you also (10$ black market there), all this takes about 30-45 minutes. while i waited i went over and ate at a real mexican restaraunt. it wasn't bad. real cheap though. then i left and had to go back thru customs both ways to get me stuff back and make sure i wasn't bringing anything back over. overall it was a good experience and i liked it. i got pics to show of this so i will attach them. they are only from this side though.


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No, No and No! Way too dangerous! I even refuse loads to commiefornia, Becuase i can. The real Mexican people are nice, Even my parents that used to travel there will no longer do that! Too dangerous! I feel bad for the Mexican people that get type casted by these gangsters.


Not a chance in hell. Side arms are not allowed to cross neither am I. Keeps me out of Canada as well. Personally they should stay in their country, we stay in ours. To simple of a solution I know.


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I would like to. I speak Spanish and I have been to Mexico many times. But, in this day and age of Drug Cartels, I won't cross any more, especially in a big truck!


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More Mexicans? California, another I could do without.

I don't care where a person is from or their race or whatever. As long as they speak comprehensible English & they're not running around causing problems.


I don't care where a person is from or their race or whatever. As long as they speak comprehensible English & they're not running around causing problems.

That's the point. Ever try to talk to a dump trucker in Texas? Me neither. I no comprendo.

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