If you could change one thing about Trucking ?

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Nearly each and every one of these "shippers" and "receivers" has a de facto policy of treating us like mentally retarded sub human mouth breathing leprous pieces of amphibian shit, and it's even worse since this communist takeover commenced.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised that that hasn't been mentioned.


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Title is "If you could change one thing about Trucking?"

So you mean,.. public hangings for people who take their ten hour break at the fuel island? 🤔
Them too but I was talking primarily about non paying brokers, shippers. Public hangings streamed live on this web site. I can provide a list of names if it comes to that
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Increase the cost and complication of getting an authority dramatically. Startup into this industry as a carrier is way to simple and cheap and allows people who have no business trying to run this type of business easy access.

It creates nothing but problems for everyone else.

So much for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...”


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I’ll go for - standardization of over dimensional rules across all states.

At least for basic loads.
It'll make the job easier.

And it'll make it more attractive for new entrants. You'll have more competition.

Which means lower rates and higher insurance costs.


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But who’s standard? California?
I dunno - but stick with one set of rules for the basics - agreed on by drivers and LEO, for at least the dumb basics of signage, lighting flagging and escorts required.

The weekend restrictions are probably the most prohibitive. Michigan -example- no weekend travel. Add in 6-9am and 3-6pm county curfews, and mandated 45 - 55 speed limits , sign on back of LOAD , not trailer, escorts must run overhead sign,

In winter time it literally leaves you 30 hours a week to get shit done.

Missouri has some irritating ones too.
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Hourly rate, not mileage, or per load.
Then everyone can slow down, relax, stop bitching about pay, crash less, and not tailgate others because they are in a big fu....g panic.

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